Public Relations

In a vast landscape of 140 characters, eight-second videos and limited attention spans, how do you get your brand noticed? A good story and knowing how to pitch it.

A strong strategic public relations plan can significantly elevate your brand, especially when combined with the power of social media and content marketing.

Our public relations team has an impressive track record for getting brands noticed amid the unceasing news cycle. We’re former journalists, so we understand what makes a compelling and newsworthy story, how to be a source for news outlets, when to reach out to reporters, and how to incorporate your brand in the cultural conversation.

Our public relations team helps shape public perceptions, create awareness, build excitement, and drive interest in your brand within the wide expanse of the online and traditional world of marketing. We start by listening -- to your goals, needs, challenges, and ideas. We ask questions. With your goals as the guidepost, we use our knowledge of the media, clever ideas, and insights into industry trends to create an effective public relations strategy that yields results.

A successful public relations campaign takes a dedicated team of professionals to create top-of-mind awareness. You also need PR pros with connections to the right media, and the knowledge and resources to know when your news should hit, and where. Our team of PR specialists is your strategic partner to secure news placements, media visits and manage your reputation for cross-platform messaging that gets you noticed.